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Private chef experience on Waiheke Island

Enjoying the luxury of having a private chef cook you dinner is another experience you can enjoy on Waiheke Island.

Most visitors to Waiheke Island book private houses as the main source of accommodation. Obviously eating out is delightful on Waiheke thanks to there being so many high quality options. From restaurants, cafes, wineries and fast food options there really is something for everyone on Waiheke Island. Preparing your own meals at rented accommodation is also a popular option.

But booking a private chef to come to your accommodation and prepare and serve a meal is a really special experience. It is a fantastic way to unwind and enjoy special memories with your friends, spouses and family members.

Waiheke is home to some outstanding chefs and hospitality talent. Lucky for visitors to Waiheke, these talented people are available to create and execute incredible bespoke meals for you. All tastes can be expertly catered to and all manner of experiences from a 3 course meal, to a 9 course degustation, to a more relaxed family BBQ lunch style meal.

If you want to enjoy an unforgettable private dining experience during your visit to Waiheke then please get in touch with the the team here at Wineheke. Our job is to help you curate the perfect experience for you and your guests.

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