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About Us


Wineheke is the brainchild of Mel – a passionate wine & dog lover who is very much a well respected 'local' on the island paradise that she dubbed ‘Wineheke’.

A Wineheke adventure will include Mel’s adorable pup Missy and you will get to enjoy local hospitality and tips along with the absolute best curated wine experiences the island has to offer.

After living abroad in Portugal and travelling to various wine regions across the world Mel is confident in delivering and creating a really special wine tour experience. Having fun, discovering something new and enjoying the island’s unique lifestyle is what makes a Wineheke adventure so special.

Mel specialises in creating experiences for couples and small groups of 4 max.


Why choose Wineheke?

We talk to you before booking anything to ensure you get the right solution.

Simply let us know your budget and we will create the perfect

Wineheke experience for you.

Every one of our clients is unique therefore every adventure we create is unique and customised to meet each of our client’s desires.

We accommodate dogs!

We encourage you to drop us an email and within 24 hours we will come back to you with a proposed itinerary for your unique day on Wineheke.


Ready to Book / Contact us below - let's discuss some options.

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