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Why North Americans are loving Waiheke Island

We have noted a considerable influx of visitors from North America coming to Waiheke Island in recent months.

This is thanks to an increased number of airlines & flights from Delta, United and American Airlines bringing people from all over the United States of America to Auckland. Waiheke's proximity to Auckland and reputation for incredible scenery, beaches and wineries has made this small Island a very popular option for visitors to New Zealand.

Americans are telling us that New Zealand is today considered not just a safe destination where the locals are super friendly, but also a good value option when the US dollar is so strong vs the NZ dollar.

Wineheke is the only tour company to offer private wine adventures which are dog friendly - so if you’re travelling without your pet (and our American friends cannot bring their pets to NZ due to quarantine restrictions) you can get a dose of canine love thanks to 'Missy' - our loving & adorable pup who always joins us when you book a private adventure. She gives the best cuddles and provides so much comfort to our guests whom are missing their pets at home.

We strongly recommend that any dog loving visitor to Waiheke gets in touch with us so we can create a unique and special day on the island that not only includes the best wine, food and nature but a loving pooch too!


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