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Being Vegan on Waiheke Island

Being a vegan on Waiheke Island is becoming easier than ever before thanks to the growing plant-based movement.

In April 2020 Akito Cafe opened which is Waiheke Island’s first slow food and plant-based focused cafe. The menu is stunning and features a range of creative, inspiring, fresh and tasty plant-based dishes. The majority of the dishes on the menu and foods in the cabinet are vegan. Our personal favourite dish is the quinoa falafels with fresh hummus, sauerkraut and pita bread. Drizzled with some Waiheke Green Cross hemp oil and a dash of Kaitaia hot sauce it is a taste sensation!

At the Archive bistro at Mudbrick Vineyard there is a plant-based platter on the menu. This is the best platter we have ever had and shows us how a platter made up of mostly plants can be utterly satisfying. Vegans are well catered for at Archive as they now have approximately 5 vegan dishes on the menu with the option to turn other dishes on the menu into vegan as you please.

All dining tastes are catered to on Waiheke. Doesn’t matter if you are plant-based, a carnivore or pescaterian… it is all here in abundance including artisan cheeses, spreads, honey, gelato, you name it! Waiheke Island has absolutely everything your taste buds desire.

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