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Why we live here

I am incredibly grateful to have created a career whereby I get to work with my two of my most favourite things in the world… Dogs and wine. By day I am a dog walker and dog sitter whilst also curating my new profession as a Wineheke adventurist.

One of the Wineheke adventures I get most excited about is our Dog & Wine Adventure whereby guests are invited to bring their dogs to the island with them for a day of walking and wining and dining. There are some incredibly beautiful dog-friendly coastal trails and bush tracks across the island, and thanks to all of the hours I’ve clocked up walking dogs all over Waiheke I know exactly which are the best ones for dogs and their owners.

We had the pleasure of walking Peacock Sky‘s charming and adorable border collie Sky (whom features in one of our favourite books ‘Wine Dogs New Zealand’) yesterday, where he led our pack through the intensely tropical and dense bush walk behind Peacock Sky… up to neighbour vineyard BATCH where Sky found a fellow winery dog whom joined us for a walk through BATCH’s vines.

We then followed a beautiful track which looped around the Cascades fresh waterfall, where the dogs took their opportunity to cool off in the fresh water ponds. It really was the perfect afternoon…

A beautiful bush walk, invigorating exercise, happy playful dogs and delicious local wines served up at perfectly positioned pitstops throughout the way.

We strongly recommend not leaving your dog at home when you plan your next visit to Wineheke. This island really is super dog friendly and with me as your host I can assure you that both dog and owner will leave the island in a seriously satisfied state!

Please drop an email to to begin the process of booking in your Dog & Wine Island Adventure.

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