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Wellness and Wine do go together

A great example of this is the new yoga studio and wellness initiative Koukoulee (which is a Greek word for silkworm cocoon). Koukoulee has its prime studio location in Oneroa, where you can start your weekend with a Friday evening flow or a Saturday morning pilates class before the weekend’s wine tasting activities commence.

Koukoulee also puts together yoga experiences in idyllic locations on Waiheke Island. You and your friends can enjoy a yoga session in one of the island’s renowned wineries or at the residence of your weekend holiday home. A 60 minute class is always followed by brunch, or a picnic and wine (of course) is an option.

Our current favourite healthy brunch option on the island is the plant-based cafe Akito. For the month of August they have a stunning Hemp Pasta dish on the menu which is a collaboration with Chef Cameron Sims of Plant Culture and Waiheke Green Cross. Hemp is an incredible plant-based source of protein and has the winning combination of Omega 3,6 and 9 fats. It is the perfect pre-wine tasting meal!

We at Wineheke have strong beliefs about marrying the worlds of wellness and wine together. Life is all about balance and we love that Waiheke Island is a place where we can walk on beautiful trails, swim in stunning beaches, practice yoga in idyllic locations and always enjoy our wine with a view.

Would you like to upgrade your Wineheke experience to include an element of wellness? We can absolutely help curate this for you, Contact us now

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