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Navigating Covid 19 and tourism

Living in a Covid 19 world is the new normal. Navigating how to run a tourism business is new territory. In 2020 we are all doing our best to figure out how to go about things. It is disruptive and challenging but we keep pursuing.

Waiheke is a tourism destination and usually plays host to tourists from all around the world. As summer approaches we realise that it is very unlikely we will be hosting international tourists this season. Focusing on the local tourism market is imperative and we are so grateful for the curious spirit that Kiwis invoke. As a nation we just love to travel and explore.

Aucklanders love to visit Waiheke, it is part of their backyard. We look forward to hosting Aucklanders this summer and we also hope Kiwis from other regions will consider visiting Waiheke.

Waiheke is almost tropical in its environment and climate. We enjoy warmer temperatures than Auckland, the ocean is a few degrees warmer than elsewhere and the pace of life is slower, more relaxed and carefree.

After a stressful year we think Kiwis deserve a lovely relaxing break in a beautiful destination like Waiheke. Nothing calms the nervous system quite like a combination of nature, fresh air and fine wine!

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